What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is the process of arranging elements of landform, water, structures, and vegetation with considerations for environmental factors into a functional, esthetic outdoor residential or urban space. A skillfully designed and properly installed landscape will deliver many years of enjoyment, visual intrigue, and overall enhanced property value.  


Why Should You Hire a Landscape Designer?


A designer’s knowledge, skill, and creative eye, in combination with inspiration, promote timeless landscapes that are healthy, attractive, and functional throughout all seasons.  By hiring a landscape designer, you take advantage of his ideas and concepts, ability to foresee problems, and his resources. 





What is the Design Process?

consultation & site Analysis

The Consultation is your opportunity to meet the designer at your home and discuss the vision you have for your project. In preparation for your consultation, prior research and pictures will assist the designer in understanding your style and taste.  The designer will take measurements to determine scale and elevations.  

DESIGN development

After the initial consultation, the designer will create your 3D landscape design taking into consideration your preferences, budget, and site constraints for your project.  

presentation & approval

Once the design is complete, the designer will meet with you to review your design. You will have the opportunity to walk through your design in the 3D environment, review your blueprint drawing, make minor adjustments, discuss materials, plant selection, and review preferred installation vendors.